Social Responsibility

Responsible and just forms of tourism offer communities opportunities to share their cultures, tell their stories, request solidarity and foster tolerance and greater understanding.

Social tourism also means giving back to the communities that are visited. Green Olive Tours benefit local NGOs and charities through their involvement in our programs, volunteering, and making souvenir purchases from local craftspeople and small family run businesses.

Both our tour company and the individual tourist have a responsibility towards their host community.

Adopt a considerate attitude towards the people you encounter, the environment, and host communities in Ethiopia.

Respect and learn about the local culture. Although taking pictures is in general welcome, be aware of people’s sensitivity about being photographed: always ask first for their approval.

Observe local customs. Respect local dress codes and dress modestly when appropriate.

Interact and spend time with local people. Be aware that your cultural values may differ from theirs. They may, for example, have different concepts of time, personal space, communication and society. They are not wrong or inferior, just different.

Be aware of short-sighted emotional reactions, such as giving money out of compassion. This can be offensive. If you are moved to help a community in need, discuss the options with your tour leader.

Be open to experience local standards rather than expecting to find the same conditions as in your home town and/or country.